The Baptist Press is Bittersweet that White Church Displacement is Happening, but Slowly

It a well-known fact from all forms of Jewish produced and controlled sources that there is no such thing as a great demographic displacement of white people taking place within the West; phenomena that go by the names “white displacement”, “population replacement”, and the kook level, alarmist label of “white genocide”.

Its not even this crazy









Along with the rest our fellow white people educated after 1945, we are well-aware of the incontrovertible fact that there has only been one actual genocide in the history of the world. Only the Jews are capable of undergoing this dramatic event. Or, only they are able to turn it into the founding myth of this God-fearing post-modern social order of racial egalitarianism while simultaneously making billions of dollars off the dead bodies of their slain kinsmen in the shoah business and using it as a moral cudgel to both control all major institutions of power while demonizing anyone who ventures to publicly promulgate the preceding hypothesis.

Because the Jews are right about the imaginary status of whiteness it does come as surprise that as white countries become more and more “diverse” the less Christian they become. If race wasn’t real, and whiteness is a construct, then why is there a strong empirical correlation between increases in Jewish enforced multiculturalism and decreases in profession of Christian belief?

Aren’t all people simply interchangeable? Does skin pigmentation really affect one’s proximity and attitude with God?

No matter, due to strong social conditioning, I mean superior righteousness before God, the Hebrew lickspittles at the Baptist Press appear to be incapable of interpreting their own studies on this. Their triumphant announcement reads as follows.

Baptist Press

More American churches are multiracial, but still less so than the neighborhoods surrounding them, a new study shows.

A Baylor University study, released June 20, found the percentage of multiracial congregations in the United States nearly doubled. From 1998 to 2012, the most recent year for which data is available, multiracial churches grew from 6 percent to 12 percent of all U.S. congregations, according to the report. Multiracial congregations are places of worship in which less than 80 percent of the congregants are of the same race or ethnicity. About 1 in 5 American congregants attend a multiracial congregation, climbing to 18 percent in 2012 from 13 percent in 1998. Catholic churches are the most likely to be multiracial, with about 1 in 4. But Protestant churches are growing more so.

The percentage of multiracial Protestant churches tripled from 1998 to 2012 — 4 percent to 12 percent, the study showed.

{1998-2012 You say? Really now? I thought the missiology of importing infinity numbers of brown people would lead to more souls being saved?









Churches are looking more like their neighborhoods racially and ethnically, but they still lag behind,” said Kevin Dougherty, associate professor of sociology at Baylor and lead author of the study.”

This means that white churches aren’t as racist as they used to be, but they are still racist. People that consciously dislike the browning of American Christianity might actually be damned to hell. At least according to the Apostle Albert Mohler newly received direct Revelation, since having a pro-white identity isn’t a sin, at least according to the Bible.

But hey, these fags aren’t even pretending their anti-white theology is biblical in a textual sense. Just in a gay, emotive, sentimental sense that relies upon the ubiquitous egalitarian cultural conditioning to “confirm” their little faggot, bourgeois sensibilities. These (sensibilities and ideology), in turn have been imparted to them by a unique array of material and political conditions that will pass away shortly, while God’s Word was written thousands of years ago and has yet to undergo a change in meaning.

In good faith, these people simply confuse their anti-white “theology” of “Gospel fill-in-the-blank-social-policy” with their hyper-feminine and social predictable reconstruction of the Bible according to the same boring egalitarianism presuppositions that their avowed cultural enemies subscribe to. As a so-called Christian, if you have the same views on any issue (like race) as someone who engages in sodomy or believes children should be able to mutilate their genitals, then you should probably reexamine your belief.

Paid genocidal advocates like Russell Moore actually know what they’re doing. He takes pleasure in making America less white, and, in turn, laying all the proper social conditions for the extreme levels of racial victimization that whites always incur when they become the minority in a country and surrender political power to their racial opponents. How’s praying for the niggers to not be niggers working for the oppressed Boer in South Africa going, Gospel Coalition? Maybe you can hire another dumb twat to do a sob-story expose on the Candy Land level racial injustices blacks have supposedly suffered under white rule as opposed to what most blacks actually now endure under black majority rule, not to mention those disgusting white people that are being raped, tortured, and annihilated by their own government. (Just search white genocide South Africa. Too many sources to do this statement justice)

The average congregation was eight times less diverse racially than its neighborhood in 1998 and four times less diverse in 2012.”

Despite this gap, a 2015 LifeWay Research survey found 67 percent of Protestant churchgoers said their church is doing enough to be ethnically diverse and only 37 percent of white churchgoers said their church needs to become more ethnically diverse.

Remember, only 37 percent. Tisk-tisk unbelievers. No racists allowed in heaven, that’s what I’ve heard at least. But will there be fags? According to the apostles at Southern Seminary and Moore at the ERLC, most likely. Oh well, at least the Bible says differently (See Rev. 21:24, post-Regeneration of the Creation.)

But monoethnic churches are declining. One-third of churches were composed entirely of one race in 2012. That’s down from nearly half of U.S. churches in 1998.

Halleluiah! Ecclesiological integration at all costs! Especially at the costs of those worthless white people who are too racist to handling worshipping in a sea of brown. You see, I think I understanding the neo-Calvinist’s God now. Limited Atonement must mean all the souls of the disillusioned white people that are the inevitable price that their eminently righteous institutional leaders have graciously decided to pay at their expense. This indeed is a strange theological reconstruction for a non-racist sect, since the Holy Spirit himself instructed Paul to go witness to the human refuse in Europe instead of God’s amber elect in Asia, according to the Bible at least.

The irony or contradictions within their theology is starting to make me suspect that it is either being used as a theological rationalization by a nefarious group of elites to anesthetize the remaining white Christians to their eventual political demise and existential destruction by the hordes of brown masses they are failing to “Christianize”. Or it is a pathetic and glib application of a worldly sociological principle (egalitarianism) produced by historical forces beyond the obviously limited understanding of these prophets. One that is fundamentally incompatible with the Bible in the strongest sense of totality.

However, maybe they are succeeding, if a major part of Christian theology is anti-white animus and rhetoric.

Minority leadership of multiracial churches has increased, but the majority are still led by white pastors. Seventy-percent of multiracial congregations have a white lead pastor, but those with a black minister have risen to 17 percent in 2012 from 5 percent in 1998.

Black Americans are now the most likely group to worship with whites. In the typical multiracial church in 1998, 22 percent of the members were Latinos and 16 percent were black. By 2012, black members rose to nearly a quarter, while Latinos fell to 13 percent.

The demographic reality is that America is becoming more diverse.”

Yea. Its like magic. Or like some type of naturalistic phenomenon that no amount of human agency can alter. Storm clouds spill rain on certain targets, the moon waxes and wanes, rivers run to the sea, and white countries, according to natural law, become more brown.

God wants it this way.

It has nothing at all to do with politics, the law, and a hostile ethnic elite using their institutional power to pursue interests detrimental to whites.

Next time someone casually phrases what is actually called “white displacement” with such innocuous euphemisms, simply tell them they are rhetorically helping to facilitate the extinction of a racial group. Your racial group. That they are denying an actual genocide.

If they don’t believe you, simply show them the demographics from the last 50 years, and for the next 50 years.

Does this look like a natural occurrence to you?








Less than 48 percent of public school students in 2018 will be white, according to projections from the National Center for Education Statistics. That’s down from nearly 55 percent in 2008.

Generation Z, those born since 1998, is the most ethnically diverse generation in U.S. history.

I know. And Gen Z will likely be the most racially hardened to the coming reward that our august boomer leaders have concocted for us.

And let me tell you this. The remaining white people won’t be practicing this Judaized form of “Christianity”. If Christianity survives in any sort of theologically orthodox form at all, it will have to incorporate the interests of its most faithful practitioners: white people.

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