Chicago: Semi-Literate Ape Sentenced 8 Years for Offending the Mythical Honor of Previous Troop Members

“Sometimes puzzling things come into your brain and make you feel bad and then you can’t stop feeling bad until you make them come out of your brain or make friends with your brain.” -Socrates

Like the Grecian sage, we still stand perplexed about many brain-injuring things that occur nowadays. For instance, there is the long-standing debate of whether a tree defecates in the woods, does it really make a sound?


Like this philosophical conundrum, another similar, albeit less important brain-hurted question arises: if a group of semi-fluent wild apes kidnap and torture a white person while screaming “f*** Trump” and “f*** white people”, did it really happen?

Judging from the (((media))) coverage when it allegedly happened, and the “sentences” these so-called people received, we can safely put down our Ibuprofen and chasing shot of moonshine for this quandary. Chicago’s righteous justice system has saved our brains from being unnecessarily hurted.

The answer seems to be “no”.


Jordan Hill, 20, was sentenced Thursday to eight years imprisonment after pleading guilty to aggravated kidnapping and a hate crime — bringing more closure to a disturbing Chicago ordeal that made national headlines after it was streamed live over Facebook.

The Chicago Tribune described him as the “alleged ringleader” of a group that abducted and tortured a mentally disabled teenager in a “racially charged” crime in early January of 2017.

Hill and three other individuals were charged over the shocking video: Tesfaye Cooper (who is only indicted, not convicted of any crime) and sisters Brittany (20) and Tanishia Covington (25). Their victim is an unnamed white male with schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who was 18 at the time of the abduction and torture.

The video shows the purported perps making statements including “f*ck Donald Trump” and “f*ck white people” while streaming live video on Facebook. The abuse included binding, gagging, beating, and cutting their victim.

Wut? Yer telling me these zoo escapees were brought through a human legal system and sentenced for what is merely genetically hardwired behavioral manifestations towards others that belong to their outgroup? At worst this is just a teenage prank with a video camera. Mostly likely it was a type of scavenger hunt and this particular activity was big, huge points.

What the hell kind of country are we living in when our pristine justice system insists on living in deep denial about the reality of biological determinism among the species?

Brittany Covington was sentenced to four years of probation and banned from using social media last December. She was later taken back into custody in April after seemingly violating the conditions of her probation by accessing Facebook.

Tanishia Covington was sentenced to three years imprisonment after pleading guilty in April. She was paroled last week.

Yes! Served only three months for torturing an unarmed and bound white sack of meat. This would have hurted my head for weeks if I had to try to understand that what are legally called black “people” receive the same judicial treatment as white people in hate crimes.

According to the Tribune, Cooper’s lawyer “indicated in court Thursday his client is considering a plea deal as well.”

Don’t think for a cock-sucking second this primate won’t get paroled within a year or two as well. Send him away for the public to forget about it all and release him before 2021.

OMG! DYI that this guy has served more time for a crime he didn’t commit than the nigger for one she did commit?















Judge William Hooks offered comments on the racial dimension of the crime prior to sentencing Hill. The Tribune writes that the judge, who is black, castigated Hill for dishonoring the work of civil rights icons:

“I surmise you believe you have some pride in being an African-American, is that fair to say?” Hooks asked Hill from the bench.

Surmise? Well, well, my good costumed sir, I didn’t surmise that word would be uttered from your mouth. Pardon me. Maybe the proceeding sentencing and legal reasoning will put my preceding train of thought to shame.











My brain is doing that thing again Socrates.

 “I’m proud to be black,” Hill answered quietly.

Yes. Yes……

Hooks, who is African-American, then pointed out the portraits of civil rights heroes including Ida B. Wells and Frederick Douglass, displayed in his courtroom in the Leighton Criminal Court Building. Hill admitted he did not know any of their identities.

Yes yes, go on. My headache is almost completely gone.

“Every time you take an act like this particular terrible act against this young man who couldn’t defend himself, you spit on the graves of all these folks that surround you in this courtroom,” the judge said.








Praise Malcom X’s horn rims! My brain hurt is gone. I don’t have to answer the question of, if a white person is explicitly racially attacked and tortured by a troop of hostile blacks, whether it really happens.

My nigga William Hooks IX gots my back. You see. Attacking white people for being white and as a vicarious way of brutally victimizing and torturing white people as a collective is only bad because of the imaginary honor of dead niggers. There need be nothing wrong with torturing white people because their whiteness. That is okay. Instead, their victim is simply a “young man”: not what he actually was; an unarmed white guy used as a means to vent their rage at the white collective.

And if you think this isn’t a harbinger of what is going to happen on a societal scale within 2 or three decades, you better either move into a +75% black location, or take a quick look at what happened to Haiti, Rhodesia, and what is happening in South Africa right now.

I win Socrates. My brain is friends with the hurting things.

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