GOP 2024 Update: Kobach and Donald Trump Jr. (DTJ) Have Produced Their First Campaign Ad

I told you niggers it was going to happen. We have Christian white nationalist Kris Kobach on one hand running for governor in Kansas. We also have aspiring Senator Donald Trump Jr. (DTJ from hereon out, not DJT…..get it?) getting the invite to beta test their inevitable 2024 GOP Presidential ticket, the White People’s Ticket, but in 2018!

This is a world historical moment faggots. I’m serious.

DTJ just campaigned with Kobach in Wichita this last week.

Execute plan GOP 2024.











They did a fundraiser, and even shot this totally cool 2024 Presidential campaign video together (and intern must have mislabeled it 2018), talking about deporting brown people, launching a Christian crusade against foreign brown people, and lecturing us on the overall importance of keeping America the way it was meant to be.


Again, the importance of DTJ choosing to campaign with Kobach shouldn’t be lost on us. He’s the President’s son and a top surrogate and its obvious that he is using his father’s time in office to position himself for a political career. Besides doing tour stops with his dad, DTJ is doing solo stuff with other candidates to build his profile and gain real world experience for his inevitable Senate run. This will most likely happen in Virginia in 2020 against former governor and current incumbent Mark Warner, or Florida in 2022 against Rubio. The latter would be easier to win and would help deliver that state into the GOP column on election night.

He could be campaigning with tons of other cucky candidates that are running for office right now. But he’s chosen Kobach, and several times at that. Kobach is about the closest to a pro-white, white conscious normie friendly candidate possible at the moment. Breitbart has continually let him pen columns for them whenever he wants to raise his profile with Trump voters.

Why don’t you do your part to help him win his primary for GOP governor this August 7th white man? This is essentially the true governor’s race because of how Republican Kansas is. It went Trump by 20% in 2016.

Any digital, physical, or financial means you could employ would be great pls.

Remember, we won’t get to 1488 if there is no Kobach/DTJ 2024.

Do it.




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