The Last of the Nigerians: Maxine Water’s 2020 Dream and the Final Throes of Black Politics

Madame President!

She’s running in 2020.

There is currently no operative Democratic political dynasty that is the obvious successor to the party’s nomination. The field is wide open. While Hillary Clinton’s health is obviously in the stages right before nursing home stage decay her hate level is high enough for her to pretend she will run by positioning herself at all the right events and commenting on all the important Drumf catastrophes. If she does, her party will revolt. They know that she will lose, bigly.

Its THEIR turn now. She blew her shot.

I mean, Trump wouldn’t even have to debate her if she ran. He would just have to hold more of ‘dem atavistic white people rallies where he gets on stage in front of white America and screams at their racial foes.

If this doesn’t scare or excite you, then you have officially qualified as a normie








Obama is saving Michelle for 2024. Mostly because he knows that Trump will win in 2020, because of the legal issues that might arise with the whole illegal surveillance racket he conducted on his political and racial opponent during an election, and also to pay for someone’s penis reduction surgery before its body gets the most camera exposure since Building 7’s totally untimely demise.

Related image


The Obama’s want the below pictured random house Nigerian to be their black placeholder in 2020. But he hasn’t made many serious moves to position himself as a candidate, besides getting a brotha’s endorsement.

Doesn’t matter what his name is













The below nappy headed upstart and third rate Dwayne Johnson impressionist believes that he is qualified to run for President because of his race and by being overbearing in committee hearings. Sorry negro, running for President will allow Trump to tee off on you 24/7 from Twitter and during debates. Your candidacy is too contrived and the base will react likewise by rejecting you in the primaries.

Needs more work. Better fire your acting coach and hire the Rock’s.

It doesn’t matter that the race-hoaxer or the angry old Jew are going to run again. Kamala Harris doesn’t get mentioned with the blacks because her father is Jamacian and her mother is a Tamil Indian (those are Dravidians fyi), and she is married to a Jew. If Biden runs there are too many videos of him getting fresh with 9 year old girls for him to make it out of the primary, even if he stands a good chance against Trump in the general due to his general likability and name recognition (which I believe he does, even to the point that he might win).

This post is about the black field for 2020. I’ll do a fuller analysis of the potential Democratic field in a bit.

Mad Maxine is running. No one can stop her. She’s old so they can’t threaten her with future career repercussions. She’s senile so it wouldn’t work. She’s also giving their base the rhetoric they want to hear and hopefully mobilize them electorally this November, so the Jews are afraid to bluntly rebuke her at the moment. And when that moment as passed and the Democrats lose this coming midterm, she will have built up too large of a following for them to retire her opening act for the main event.

But this run will be bittersweet, because in all likelihood, it represents the last gasp of political Black America at the federal level. Not that the Dems won’t need their standard nigger voting block to get elected for a while; they will. Its just that, if the Jew’s plan succeeds, blacks will just be consigned to being an electorally marginal minority group within a country devoid of a racial majority. Whites, Hispanics, and even Asians, will be more numerous than blacks in a few decades.

Instead of being the main racial group Democrats rely upon to pack into one urban center and control entire states that are otherwise mostly white, and therefore sometimes caring about catering to their political demands, blacks will be just another tribe that is doomed to fight over the bones of the decaying American carcass. And since they’re stupid and low agency this makes them ill-equipped to do so in an organized, institutionalized, fashion. Obvious black people will always engage in tnb, but it will be limited to that; these sporadic criminal one-offs. The Jews won’t and haven’t let authentic black political expressions that threaten their power blossom. (See the Black Panthers and NOI being (((SPLCed))), respectively.) They only get mostly kosher BLM who’s slogan is “Vote Democrat”, I guess.

And don’t mention the Obamas. Barack is NOT an American black and does NOT have their shared experience. He has an African father and a supposedly white mother, was part of the Indonesian elite when his mother was alive, and was raised bourgeois by his white communist grandparents in the West. This is not the lifepath of an average black. Not even of the black “elite” in this country. Even though they were wildly embraced by American blacks, the Obama’s were a forced Jewish meme to normalize white displacement at the highest political level in America. They did not symbolize the ascendency of the American black to the halls of power. They were safe and malleable.

Mad Maxine represents black’s last archetypal throes before receding into political obscurity. They will be both obsolete farming equipment and political stooges. Their status as moral mascots will follow as soon as the anti-white intersectionality of the Left breaks down with white demographic demise. And although she is probably legally retarded, senile, and exhibits a consciousness that appears to be devoid of most self-awareness, she is a closer, purer avatar of blackness than Barack.

She has been anointed by the Lord to challenge the forces of evil whiteness in embodied in Trump. She also traded a huge blow with Hillary by saying she “ain’t tired” after Clinton opened up a speech to the American Federation of Teachers by remarking on how tired she was.

This eschatological view of herself is not ill-founded. She is the last embodiment of authentic political American blackness.

She is the Last of the Nigerians.

The Washington Examiner:

Supporters of Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who gathered outside of her office in Los Angeles on Thursday burned an American flag that they snatched from the back of a pickup truck.

According to the Associated Press, the group had gathered with the expectation they would be confronting a far-right group, called the Oath Keepers, after they said they would hold a rally.

I wonder if her counter-demonstration of actually blacks and not bourgeois urbanites had  flag burnings and standard black power salutes?

When a vehicle driven by two white men approached, the counter-protesters, who had been chanting “black power” and other slogans, stopped it, opened the doors, and grabbed the flag out of the back.

Again, these are not only authentic expressions of what blacks feel when they sense they are being targeted, but these motions are allowed.

These ones, however, are evil.

black power good, white power bad . Get it goyim?














The truck drove off, but the flag was stepped on and burned. One person yelled, “This is not the American flag, this is their flag,” according to the AP, which posted photos of the incident.

Really now? If this flag is not the American flag, then what is?









Notice the strength of the racial consciousness in these people. They committed an act which they instinctively understood to be wrong, or at least, bad in a cultural sense. However, as soon as it is committed, rationalizations of their behavior immediately begin to manifest. Where have we seen this before? Oh yes, the gang banger with multiple felonies and jail stints who was a good boi and din du nufin meme. Redefining the American flag as white people’s is interesting since that same flag symbolizes the institution that is in the midst of carrying out a genocide against white people. One could seriously argue that black people have benefitted more from that flag than white people the past 150 years.

No injuries or arrests have been reported and Waters’ office did not immediately reply to the AP’s request for comment.

Because there’s nothing to comment on. This is typical behavior and a testament that multiculturalism is a failed experiment that has historically never worked. Blacks have been here for hundreds of years and the rank and file of them, or at least the ones with enough agency and ideological awareness to go to a political event, are skeptical of the status of the American flag.

They have never and will never be able to integrate. Same with Hispanics. Jews have “integrated” in the form creating a caste system by simply siloing off previously white institutions are dominating them for their own self-interest.

But anyways, Maxine Waters, 2020. This is for real. This is not a test of the nigger alert system. It symbolizes the passing of a slave race that was only politically relevant as a means to traitor whites and Jew’s political aspirations, and never an end in themselves.

Obama didn’t do anything for them besides continuing to cleanse them from their neighborhoods by flooding them with more spics.

They have been taken for granted as a voting bloc and have every right to feel betrayed. Maxine will be their conduit of righteous indignation.

Outrage, outrage, into the endless night.

Yaaas queen, slaayyy

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