Revoice 2018: The Council of Sodomdon

One of the most important theological events this side of the Incarnation is occurring, right as we speak.

A meeting of fags, queers, mental freaks, and their institutional advocates are convening in St. Louis in order to hammer out of the most perennial, bourgeois, pressing, important, possibly even gospel, issue of the day.

Some commentators and leading church lights are insinuating that the standard historiography of globohomostinople might retroactively end up classifying Revoice as the eighth ecumenical council.

From the Revoice FAQ page itself:

We envision a future Christianity where LGBT people can be open and transparent in their faith communities about their orientation and/or experience of gender dysphoria without feeling inferior to their straight, cisgender brothers and sisters; where churches not only utilize, but also celebrate the unique opportunities that life-long celibate LGBT people have to serve others; where Christian leaders boast about the faith of LGBT people who are living a sacrificial obedience for the sake of the Kingdom; and where LGBT people are welcomed into families so they, too, can experience the joys, challenges, and benefits of kinship.

Like all Truthful things that are attempting to explain Truth to those who are not in the Light yet desire to be in the Light, what the above statement means is this:

praise and worship, 2029, colorized.










SBC Convention San Francisco, 2026



Basically what these fags and their enablers are attempting to articulate between focusing on experiencing the anal pleasure that they derive from their culturally condition values expressed through the means of virtue signaling to themselves is roughly this:

Sunday school in medium sized SBC church, 2025











Truth telling about the Truth of the Gospel issue aside, the major purpose of the Council of Sodomon is this: the Jews and their institutional and ideological allies within mainly white and nominally conservative theological denominations are attempting to integrate literal degenerates at an institutional level.

They are doing this by the following tried-and-true, boring, yet predictable method.

  • Get white Christians to accept the social legitimacy of faggotry and its more bizarre forms of perversion. Instead of having laws on the books that punished said people like we used to, they now have the legitimacy to exist.
  • Push the false yet culturally powerful theological narrative of equivocating faggotry with other sins, or other sexual sins between heterosexuals. This is obviously a false claim because if God saw all sins as equal He wouldn’t, one; prescribe varying levels of punishments for them in the OT wherein homosexuality merits capital punishment, and two; wouldn’t use homosexuality as the epitome of man’s rebellion against God in Romans 1, or have Paul repeatedly state in the NT that these people WILL NOT INHERET THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
  • Make the predictable and expedient  action=state of being distinction regarding these perversions in order to acclimate normal people to the idea that degenerates can be Christians if they aren’t currently sodomizing each other, or engaging in the other implied freakish behavior of dress up and lusting after children.
  • Fully integrate these “celibate” freaks into the last remaining white Christian institutional spaces in order to completely deny us any area of sanity and wholesomeness as a means of oppression and domination under the guise of “tolerance” and “acceptance” with “having conversations” and “dialogues”.

Now its obvious the Bible does not have any concept of a non-straight Christian. Being saved necessarily includes being heterosexual. You do not get to keep your degenerate “proclivities” or “attractions” when you become “saved” since redemption necessarily would entail these being removed from you.

Revoice represents the third step in this process of destroying the remaining white and conservative theological spaces on sexuality. We already have to take in niggers and pretend women can serve in ministry positions over men in some cases. why not make these places integrate queers as well? Almost all the mainline Protestant denominations are already past the third step and either working on, or have fully taken, the fourth.

Don’t think for a second that the SBC or the PCA won’t do the same thing unless the laity begin to get a little rowdy and threaten their elites and these rouge fag-advocates.

Remember, “conversations” and “having a dialogues” serve two related purposes for the Left. These are the euphemism they use to express their demand for their cultural and political opponents to deal with the real life social integration of whatever their anti-white or anti-Christian egalitarian ideology demands at the moment, and for their opponents to discuss their specific terms of surrender.

For instance, what if some hard-Right, totally boss Christians like these rolled up to Revoice and wanted to dialogue with these fag lovers?

Conversation engaged!









Do you think these Revoice people would be willing to hear this side of the “conversation”? What about the totally blue-pilled normie evangelical that still believes the Bible’s words mean things and is uncomfortable with the thought of having sodomites and trannies working in the church nursery and changing his kids diapers? Because that’s what these sick freaks want, these perverts to fondle children. IN CHURCH.

In fact, the head pervert who’s “church” is hosting this event, Greg Johnson, was forced into admitting that by his own egalitarian logic he would be have to hold conferences concerning the integration of pedophiles. 

Now THAT’S Gospel, eh Russell? Child rapers being accepted in the church, because the church is totally a hospital for sinners, a place for broken people to come and share their brokenness with other broken people in a broken building. I like where this is heading. Obvious I gave my hero Russell Moore a shoutout because he implicitly endorses this conference, has vigorously supported an ERLC Fellow who is a featured speaker at it, and is buddies with the head of a nigger’s consulting firm that is supportive of it.

We know that this isn’t an actual conversation about integrating faggots and their ilk into white churches because this assumes a two-way dialogue; this is actually about the Left setting the broad rhetorical parameters and signaling that their assault can officially commence. They disinvited several people who are mildly critical of their theology and the whole concept in general already. So don’t think for an instant that this is a gathering of diametrically opposed people on this issue.

This is important for Christians who are conscious of their white identity for this reason. The guy in the CrossPolitic podcast really BTFOed this queer loving “pastor” by asking him why they weren’t doing conferences for people who were suffering from the “sin” of white supremacy. Now, obviously being ethnocentric without attaching any soteriological implications to race is not a sin, according to the Bible at least. There is no verse that says once you become a Christian you cannot think of yourself as white, or believe in the fiercely racist concept of white people having political self-determination and staving off genocide; even if it means, “GASP“,  politically separating from non-whites.

What the Bible ACTUALLY says is that homos and queers are not saved and will not go to heaven, no matter how many obfuscating words this faggot (former) Southern instructor attempts to write in published books. (This guy openly admits he’s attracted to men in all his bios) The fact that the Left believes that, textually at least, this serious of a sin is actually less serious than white “supremacy”, which is not a sin, according to the Bible at least, shows just how insane and anti-white their egalitarian ideology really is.

The second and final thing follows from the first: the reason why these people aren’t having outreach to white “supreeeeeemmistssss” is because they literally don’t think we, as racially conscious white people, are worth “saving”. Let that sink in. Sodomites and drag wearing pedos? Christians as long as its “in their heads”, for now. White people who want a white ethnostate and hate degeneracy? Lost souls who aren’t worth evangelizing. Don’t worry, we don’t need it because we are the actual Christians in this “conversation”.

Although nothing will likely come of Sodomdon upon its pronouncement of its gay-friendly Dogma in an immediate sense, the symbolism of its existence is clear.

Get ready for dyke preachers and pedophile diaper changers at your local, formerly conservative church. Unless you and your fellow white Christians decide to man the hell up and do something definitive against these people.

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