Jew York Times: Anti-White Gook Editor? No Problem Goyim!

The neurotic yids at the Jew York Times have decided to hire some unhinged anti-white racist dog-boiling Gook to their editor board.

Remember kids, this is not a synagogue staff directory, this is the country’s leading newspaper
















This was done as a passive-aggressive way of Jewish retaliation against Trump’s super serious rhetoric against the lying kike media that is being memed by the Left right now.

I haven’t seen this level of neurosis since looking up Holocaust literature…

Because the Evil Aryan Leader of the Incipient Nazis has truthfully stated that the lying kikes that control and staff the media are, in fact, lying while being kikes, the kikes that staff the most influential paper in the US have decided to hire a mentally-ill Asian who’s racism against white people can only stem from the famed Asian mental intensity.











The Daily Storm.. uh I mean Breitbart I guess, was whipping up the goyim earlier sounding the alarm loud and clear against Ching-chong Wang’s employment.


The New York Times‘ communications department announced on Wednesday that Jeong will be joining the editorial board as part of a “fab group of recent additions” to the paper’s opinions section in September.

In scores of tweets, Jeong — as an epic ironic troll without any underlying bigotry, of course — denigrates whites and compares them to dogs.

The reporter likened “dumbass fucking white people” sharing their opinions to “dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

In another conversation, Jeong riffed on white people being “only fit to live underground like groveling goblins,” which snowballed into a witty rumination on whites smelling like dogs.

It continues on by showing the rest of her virulent racism that, because of the hostile ethnic elite that controls all major US institutions, is allowed an institutional home. In fact, the Jew York Times expressed regret over her tweets, but said since its only our racial foes that she is trashing she’s all in the clear.

Tucker “Race War” Carlson went full blow NatSoc on live TV tonight when covering this story. His rage was clearly visible, watching his co-ethnics being institutionally dehumanized by these (((people))). This guy is the biggest asset we have in our struggle to build a collective white racial consciousness. Almost every night he drives the point home that it is white people that are under institutional assault and that it is white people who are being systematically oppressed. Because, WE, not niggers, fags, or anyone else, are the people at the bottom of America’s caste system the Jews have created. (Segment starts around 24:30)

Even that one guy who comes after him did a segment on it.

This is a great development for our movement. It gives white people high-profile examples of just how anti-white the system is. Which, in turn, will force them to make a decision: am I white or not? If yes, do I deserved to be oppressed because of this fact? If no, then white identity is therefore not a negative thing and I can start ascribing positive superlatives to it instead of the negatives ones regarding slavery and something during the 1940’s.




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