Donald Trump Jr: Rising Into Pro-white Stardom

So. Just so all you people and fags know, Breitbart has insisted upon joining your very own, Sons of Europa, in memeing the Kobach/Trump Jr. 2024 GOP White People’s Ticket into existence.

They are essentially giving DTR the “Kobach” treatment by offering him a high-profile platform for him to comment on all the big cycles driving the news cycle to the Trumpist base. They will very soon extend him the treatment of giving him an open invitation to be a guest columnist, like they do for Rand Paul and other elected officials.

Breitboomer had DTJ on their radio program to comment on the unhinged ramblings of a sexually frustrated Gook the Jew York Times just hired as a passive aggressive maneuver to thumb their noses at Trump’s understandable attacks on the lying kike (((media))).


“The New York Times is hiring a person of like mind,” Trump Jr. said in an interview with Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday on Patriot Channel 125. “This is a person that probably thinks exactly like them.”

Jeong routinely trashed white people and white men on her Twitter account, calling them “dumbass fucking white people” and sharing the hashtag #cancelwhitepeople.

The New York Times issued a statement standing by their hire, despite her controversial remarks on Twitter.

Trump Jr. pointed to the double-standard demonstrated by the left by allowing Jeong to be racist because she was Asian and sharing hatred for white people and police officers.

“Imagine she said the same thing about Hispanics, imagine she said that same thing about black people, people would be losing their minds, it would be outrage … it’s no different than any other form of racism,” he said.

Good, good. People like this need to keep pushing the meme into the mind of the white GOP normie that white people are indeed a racial group, and two, that they are and have been under a coordinated institutional assault by organized Jewry for quite some time now. This is an important first step of making the implicit white identity that Trump activated into a more explicit form. And you better be sure that, since DTJ is a high-ranking surrogate of his father, the President is in full agreement with him that yes, you can in fact be racist against white people.

DTJ is also attacking the notorious Jewish stronghold of (((academia))) in stump speeches. These are loud and clear dog-whistles.

Tucker literally had a random journalist on his show last night that sent him a story that showed the anti-white filth in NYC naming a city street after some Haitian nigger that committed genocide thousands of white people. (Clip starts about 22:45)

Afterwards, he took to his PERSONAL Facebook page and reiterated the story by essentially uttering the phrase “white genocide”.

uuh guys, Tucker is going full 14 Words













Let that sink in. A cable news figure with either the highest, or one of the highest, rated shows is trying to associate the terms “white” and “genocide” in the minds of the GOP normie.

Trump Jr. said that the left would continue to double down on their double standards that would not square with the American people.

“It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense to any rational person,” he said. “This is a narrative that the far left will push, and that’s ok and they’ll continue those attacks, and, again, I’m happy to let them keep doing that.”

Trump Jr. said he was proud that his father would continue fighting leftists in the media, academia, and Hollywood, unlike past Republican leaders who would “turn the other cheek.”

“That doesn’t work anymore, the difference is they don’t play by rules, there is no honor code on the other side, they do what it takes to win,” he said. “We don’t fight the same way and I think we have to.

Exactly. White people only have to wake up and realize they are strong and this is all over. Trump was important for white America, and even white people worldwide, for several reasons. One is that he bought us some time at an institutional level to keep on raising white consciousness among our people by protecting our speech. The second is that he staved off the inevitable demographic brown tidal wave that Clinton would have unleashed on white American if she would have won. Three is that he activated the nascent white consciousness that the Jews had been trying to stamp out, stigmatize, or anesthetize into oblivion by appealing to our tribal instincts. And fourthly, like his son said, he taught the regular white normie how to fight.

Once we fight back, in a serious way, there is literally nothing stopping us from obtaining political self-determination and securing our children’s future in a white enthostate.

In a fight for your race’s literal existence abiding by the rules of your sworn enemies, who don’t even abide by them in return, is slavish.

All we have to do is shrug. Electing Kobach for the GOP’s nominee for governor this coming August 7th is a great next step. Memeing DTJ into being the next Senator from an East Coast in 2022 (likely FL or VA) state is another great step.

Kobach/Trump Jr. 2024. The White People’s Ticket.

Do it.



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