QAnon? We finally have a name.

The secret is out.

monsters?!!! goodness gracious Ernie! Good thing the counter coup is underway











No not that secret you silly heads. I saw some boomers spill these beans at one of Trump’s rallies.

Are these people trying to warm us that they are privy to some classified intel?










This one.

QAnon is “anonymous” no more. The true Patriot revolution might be compromised. His primary counter-intelligence officer’s identity has been revealed.

Trump might now be impeached because someone with a /pol/ and reddit account who appears proficient at lying enigmatically enough to convince a stupid and blithe generation unsocialized by internet culture has been doxed.

And doxed by yours truly here at SoE. And not because I am a Deep State counter-operative, but because I want to save his life because They might get him.

There is only one known person in the world who could be both this intelligent and not say anything of any detectable sociological meaning at all.

Top level sources tell me that this man, I mean “Q”, is none other than the Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

need I say it? HE predicted this








Now for those of you who are retarded and actually don’t know who this man is, please, don’t go on Disinfopedia to read his bio. It does not even come close to doing him justice.

(((Noticing))) radar engaged Captain!


Just YouTube him. Please for the love of everything dear. Just listen to this marvel.

Now, for the unbelieving and jaded, his primary rhetorical strategies seem to be constant and fallacious appeals to authority and mythical personal connections he either had or has to substantiate a forthcoming assertion, and by circumlocutions about seemingly disconnected topics, people, and themes when asked a direct/specific question in order confuse the listener.

But to those who are saved, his message comes out crystal clear like a Friday horoscope.

For instance. He was involved in coordinating an intelligence community counter-coup against the Clinton machine throughout most of the election.

Pretty heavy stuff.

He actually just went on one of the top intel dispersion shows and confirmed, CONFIRMED, that not only has the counter-coup against the Deep State succeeded but power has been consolidated within the hands of a select few loyal military and intelligence officers with Trump as their figurehead.

Everything you see with the Special Prosecutor Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, spurious FISA warrants based on known lies, Obama, Holder, and DNC, and Clinton is a political machine that is simply in its death throes. (23:00/24:00)

Trump is simply giving them enough rope to hang themselves by their impotence raging against the inevitable, and then a formal counter-strike will occur that will complete the true Patriot’s revolution.

It makes sense that someone as secretive as “Q”, or Steve P., is hiding in plain sight. Where the hell else would someone who is trying to communicate a secretive government coup against people that still have top secret security clearance to Civis with only basic internet access to public forums and messaging boards be?

Can someone, anyone, who doubts the veracity of Dr. Steve answer me on this? Protip: you can’t because this Storm can’t simply be just “ridden out” in secret, can it faggots?



My mistake













Now some members of the Millennial and Gen Zyklon age cohort might be cynical. They (mistakenly) might think that this is simply a Jewish psy-op targeting the senility and cultural boorishness of older people who have not been adequately socialized into internet irony and trolling methods. They will call this a desperate ploy that resorts to what is essentially a more digital iteration of late 2000’s Alex Jones mystery/pseudo intelligence rhetoric to keep old white people on the racial egalitarian reservation while their literal genocide is conducted by racially hostile Jews that control all substantive American institutions.

“Don’t worry goyim, “we” have already won. Israel is our friend. Benjamin Netanyahu is a good Jew. The “Patriots” have won. The Deep state pedophiles are going down.”

These youngsters will say these things because they are young and naïve and have absolutely no idea about how the world and the super Deep State really work. They are incapable of understanding retroactive, self-justifying narrative constructions by making vague “predictions” or simply digitally manipulating internet screen shots from popular websites that the enemy has no access to.

Because of this, they are unprepared. Unaware that the Storm is coming. So self-confident in their cynicism towards the political process and society in general that they refuse to believe the most blatant evidence just to they can say that, on the small chance “Q” is fake, that they weren’t suckers.

Its because they haven’t gotten out into the real world. No job. We, the generation and electorate that have sold our children and grandchildren into racial slavery and annihilation by letting in tens of millions of hostile brown people, accepting fag “marriage”, and so on, are the real adults here.

Godspeed Dr. Steve Pieczenik. QAnon no more.

The Clouds have broken. The Storm is here.

  • “Anonymous” for facile boomers
  • blatant CIA disinfo pys-op
  • opaque and cryptic current event “predictions”
  • post hoc narrative reconstructions
  • political horoscopes for the mentally challenged


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