2024 GOP Nominee and Presidential Candidate Kris Kobach wins KS GOP Primary by 191 Votes


get used to this white people

Just in case you faggots didn’t know and aren’t aware, the (presumably) next President of the U.S., Christian white nationalist Kris Kobach, has just won the GOP KS primary for governor against the current Establishment and sitting governor Jeff Colyer.

Kris Kobach thanked SoE for its endorsement, saying that it was probably responsible for putting him over the edge from kike’s chosen son Colyer

read it and weep niggers

This is a huge, no, HISTORIC step in making America White Again and continuing Trump’s pro-white revolution. Mike Pence is conservative and anti-degeneracy, but does not have the political will or ideology to reverse the white displacement being orchestrated by the jewish elite against the previously docile goyim in this country.

Docile No More. Trump’s election was the dam breaking. Kobach’s election is the shot heard ’round the world. This guy is the most pro-white guy operating within the normiesphere as we speak.

This guy is not an implicitly pro-white guy like Trump, to the world’s face, he is pretty, hard, core.





















Let me repeat that: we have a guy who literally agrees that white genocide is not only a viable social concept with a potential empirical reality that just won what is essentially the de facto governor’s race in a state. but also that white displacement can and IS taking place against American whites as we speak.

Let that sink in.  A guy who essentially shares all our positions consciously and has worked most of his legal career to implement them has just been (essentially) elected governor of a US state. Not school board, not state house position, not mayor of a small town,


Kobach/Trump Jr. 2024 The White People’s Ticket here we come.

Do It. Hail Our People. Hail Victory.

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