Apostle John Kasich speaks: The Lord Suuports the Caravan of White Genocide

“We’ve got to start putting ourselves in the shoes of other people. We’ve got to start thinking about the consequences that others suffer. And if we have been spared those by the grace of God, let us be appreciative, let us count our blessings, and let us reach out to those who have less. Let’s stop putting up walls around ourselves and not understanding the plight, the trouble, and the problems of others. It is not right. And the Lord doesn’t want it, and our people at their hearts want to reach out to others. Look at what they do in these storms they go and they rescue people they don’t know. They put them in their homes. They feed them. That’s America. Not all this garbage and this division and yelling and screaming and hatred on all sides.” St. John Kasich 15:22-26

Over these last few days I’ve had trouble understanding the theological implications of the “migrant” caravan crisis. Here is my dilemma.

Do the words of Jesus of the New Testament imply that an entire race of people lack the moral right of engaging in moderate acts of political and racial self-determination, and avoid their eventual annihilation?

Or, do they portend that predominately white countries are obligated to adopt a national immigration stance of what certain Fellows at the Brookings Institute has labeled the “infinity niggers” policy?

Scripturally, it seems that the aggregation and racial amalgamation of the races is continually decried throughout the Bible. From Eden, to Babel, to the pagan empires that came and went, to Rome. It seems like the text notes that demographic centralization and density is correlated with the existence of autonomous social structures that leave little room in people’s hearts to submit to God. Man becomes his own god, and the other God “dies”. Life is lived devoid of any true spiritual essence, or in open idolatry.

These were my preliminary conclusions. However, these can subordinated to a direct message from God. This has come in the form of an utterance from the Apostle  John Kasich. Failed Republican presidential candidate, ruthless food slayer, proud father of a faggot son, and spiritual and racial cuckhold. His message contradicts my study of the Scripture.

Jesus, “the Lord”, or his god, like the “god” of so many other so-called Christians, is apparently a white genocide enthusiast. According to this new theological reconstruction, not only did Christ die to save the hopelessly damned from their sins and give them a chance at an eternal life of bliss, he also died for white genocide. Christianity, if it means anything to these faggots, means that white people are denied the ability to act in an exclusionary way towards the end of self-preservation and political self-determination. A strange teaching since this implication does not seem so self-evident in the text of the Bible, since this teaching does not seem applied to any other racial group, and that until very recently hardly anyone seems to hold this to be an implication of Christianity.

The real question that white people as a group are going to have to settle is this: what is the future of our relationship to Christianity? This is an important question because the essence of white people has been linked very closely to that of Christianity for a very long time. There seems to be three options.

  1. Complete de-Christianization and the adaptation of another system of thought’s symbols, myths/narratives, and institutions. There aren’t any racial groups that exist for any period of time without the general subscription to some type of religion. Religion gives meaning and purpose that the majority of people require in order to make sense of living, so a racial collective of atheism is not viable. The Jews in the Soviet Union and Chi-coms in China tried this, and the people there still did the Christianity or ancestor worship or Buddhism thing. The masses require religion in a universe that appears to be a void. Return to the ancestral myths is not likely to occur en mass. New candidates are yet to come on to the scene, but won’t likely take place till we are forced to fight for our racial survival.
  2. Christianity continues in two forms. One in a globohomo approved form, replete with the standard heresies of universalism, relativism, prosperity doctrine, women “clergy”, faggot and pedophile “marriages”, transgender diaper changers in nurseries (at the most harmless intensity), God being in a homosexual relationship with the other members of the Trinity or being women/trans/queer etc, and so on. This is what happens when egalitarianism reconstructs a thought system. No logical themes of differentiation can remain standing. Orthodox (small “o”) Christianity will have to survive as an extremely marginal and persecuted cult with esoteric practices and doctrinal levels concerning both the doctrines and the identities of the true members of the Church. So we have one version that is completely ideologically conditioned by the deeper social processes (like most Mainline denominations, and now the Catholic Church) they are not in control of, and also a small, very marginal remnant of true believers that are actively persecuted and hunted down for their faith. Because let me tell you one thing, if Christianity stops becoming the religion of white people, it is and must be reinterpreted according to whatever racial group or culture it is left with. Chinese Christianity will look very, very different than European Christianity. Sub-Saharan African Christianity will and does look very different than our version. The form we have had will become disestablished and die, living on in the shadows with the remaining true-believing whites that can manage to exist.
  3. There is another Reformation. This Reformation will reconcile white racial self-determination, gender roles, proper sexuality, and political philosophy with the core doctrines of Christianity. This may very well require a reexamination of a few of these core doctrines; a reevaluation of the tradition in light of the text, or it may not. This Reformation will have at its core an utter rejection of any type of egalitarianism, the reassertion of the logical themes of hierarchy and exclusivity in general, and a delineation of what form these take both in soteriology and sociology, more specifically.

This is one of the overarching goals of this site. We believe that white people and Christianity need not separate, because, in reality, the death of one will be the death of the other, as we know it. Both would be an unspeakable tragedy, yet both need not happen. Nor does “the Lord” will that either of them happen. For the time being we should not only ignore, but strongly condemn any false prophet that uses the Bible as a weapon for the genocide of white people. This includes so-called pastors that get off on virtue-signaling against white people. Leave their churches. Form your own amongst like-minded people. Support these institutions and not those of the enemy if they become too noxious. Justice can be meted out more proportionately when we take back our future into our own hands.

We pray that Christianity and white people be a permanent fixture until the Lord returns. This, at an institutionally prominent level at least, will require a new Reformation. Christ led the first Reformation when Rome was beginning the throes of its dissolution. Luther began the second major one in the midst of overwhelming church decadence and corruption. Maybe if there is to be a new one it will require the continued existence of its primary host race to be at stake. Let us hope so. You all should be asking yourself what role you will can play in this world historic event.

We affirm that loving the white race is not mutually exclusive to loving Christ. He did not die for our genocide. Not only can we stop the caravan out of sense of pragmatic survival, but because our faith allows us to. The modern apostle John Kasich’s “Christianity” is a very recent phenomenon, and will pass away quickly. The Word is eternal. Our race must be eternal.

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