Bowers Actions Reveal that Jewish Lives are Sacred

Robert Bowers, if nothing else, was the large dose of truth serum that this spiritually recovering country so desperately needed.

Not because he killed a small number of Jews, but because we have learned that the deaths of Jews are not those of mere mortals, but the slaying of gods. The slaughter and the (correct) ideological conclusions that informed it are indeed important, but the reaction to this god-slaying clearly reveals the Jew dominated racial caste system in this country, and the level of control these brahman have over the hearts and minds of white people in America and the West in general. The irony of the reaction is that Robert Bowers’ “conspiracy theories” have been darkly vindicated.

For starters, the body count in the DRC (democratic republics of Chicago) just this last week has numbered 43 shot and 5 dead. This year (until Oct 28th) the count is 457; in 2017 it was 590, and in 2016 the city that was home to the sitting black President totaled 638. In any civilized country this is a wild statistic, but since these are simply niggers engaging in internecine warfare, this doesn’t warrant national coverage anymore. One because it reinforces the (correct) anxiety in the mind of the white normie that blacks are obviously more violent and prone to “blue collar” criminality. Two, because they are only blacks. While more valuable than whites and electorally useful to Jews, they are collectively sacred yet. Only certain individuals have been elevated into the Jewish-approved pantheon for white people to venerate. Thousands of blacks lives somewhat matter, but not as much as 11 dead Jews.

What about the unimportant white body count? The opioid epidemic is one of the leading causes of preventable death in America. Its major victims are overwhelmingly (79%) poor whites from economically distressed places in the Midwest and the South. The neo-Nazi magazine Esquire has unwittingly written an expose on the major family behind this opioid epidemic. Guess who it is? The Jewish billionaire (((Sacker))) family.  Also, these same poor, middle-aged white men have a surging rate of suicide. Where is the national, or institutional outcry for these things? There is none, mostly because they are legally implementing the ends of eradicating the main demographic of Jewish political foes.

At the theological level (and I use this term with all the proper qualifications when referring to those incapable of the activity) the august Presidents of the SBC and ERLC, JD Greer and his life partner, Russel Moore, have decided to reveal a new biblical truth to us illiterate peasants, unversed in the vernacular of this new egalitarian reconstruction of “Christianity”. JD Greer, after a long, hard struggle with the text of the Bible and deep prayer, has announced that:

Anti-Semitism spouted by the accused Pittsburgh synagogue murderer of 11 today (Oct. 27) is “a despicable lie of the enemy which we unequivocally reject,” Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear tweeted.

The “antisemitism” is a “lie of the enemy”? Like saying Jesus isn’t the Christ, or that Jesus wasn’t resurrected from the dead? On par with that? Things, you know, Jews believe in? Greer is using biblical rhetoric to stigmatize an ideology that he is either morally or intellectually incapable of understanding. Greer continued on to say that in “a nation full of hatred” his church[?] will continue to share the “Gospel”.

Really JD? Which Gospel? The one that says white people have a moral duty to accept their own racial annihilation and genocide at the hands of hostile non-whites? You do realize that the Jews that were killed likely hated Christianity, even the fagged form you believe yourself to be practicing. Did you know that the ceremony that Bowers crashed was a Bris ceremony for a faggot couple’s twins? How “Gospel” is that JD? Children doomed to be sex slaves for a bunch of depraved Jewish homosexuals? Nothing from JD about this, and how being (1) homosexual; (2) possessing children in a homosexual “relationships” as an obvious form of child abuse, and (3) religiously Jewish, as being antithetical to the Gospel. This is because, fundamentally, these factors do not warrant damnation, the “lies of the enemy” label for him. The only thing that does are racially aware white men that are willing to speak and act on their beliefs.

The fag-lover Russel Moore has also come to a profound conclusion. Adopting the racist position of genetically determined racial identity when it is convenient to attack his ideological foes (racially conscious whites) Moore concludes that, because; Jesus was born to a Jewish mother, is currently alive, and is “Jewish”, therefore “if you hate Jews, you hate Jesus.” I will have to write a more complete rebuttal to this lick-spittle screed, but needless to say it is not formed based on any deep logical movements of thought, but mostly stems from a contracted anus at the experience of something that stimulates these people’s Jewish egalitarian social conditioning that they confuse as the “Gospel”. This produces an acute feeling of psychological discomfort and anxiety, causing them to engage in ritually predictable genuflections to the powers-that-be in order to dispel their cognitive dissonance from caused by ideas that are not their own, but are instilled in a self-reinforcing stimulus-reward internal value system. This is better known as “virtue signaling”. These people (I use this word lightly) are simply “anal theologians”, in more ways than one.

Until I write this fuller response I will ask Moore some questions: “Do Jews think that same of Christians? Would Jews be willing to admit that Jesus is the Christ, the one true Messiah, the second figure of God, and that they are doomed to eternal damnation if they do not submit to his authority? If not, why is this? Why is this a prostration and not a mutual submission of “religions?” If “hating” Jews is hating Christ, than why did Christ repeatedly say that he was taking the Kingdom of Heaven from these kikes and giving it to the Gentiles? And why did God punish the Jews in 70 AD for the rejection of Christ with a massive purge and diaspora? Is God, the “Jew” anti-Semitic by denying both a temporal and eternal home to his “kin”? If not, why would he do this, regardless of his strong “Jewish identity”?

Just some questions that might be theologically discomforting for the boring Jew-lover. You do know that being a philo-semite isn’t brave right? In a country that is controlled by Jews expressing your undying devotion to them and condemning their “haters” to hell isn’t profound or brave, its called being a false prophet.  Maybe there’s a reason why people with your ideology always seem to find institutional homes and temporal power while people like Robert Bowers can only express their values on ghettoized social media platforms like Gab to a few people they have never met in person, and are not politically or culturally integrated. Ever really wonder why, Russell? Let me give you a hint; its not because your views are logically coherent or biblically sound.

The catch here is that, regardless of Bowers actions, is he empirically wrong about Jews and their designs for society? Most Jews themselves seem agree with him. A jewess from the Jew York Times has informed us that Jews are deeply involved and committed to the process of white genocide:


INSKEEP: The social media posts associated with the suspect suggest that he was interested in conspiracy theories linking Jews to refugees. He was interested in the caravan that President Trump has blown up into a major national news story. I’d just like to ask you about your neighborhood and this synagogue in particular. What was the attitude that people there had toward refugees?

WEISS: Well, that’s the thing. The Jewish connection to the refugee is not a conspiracy. That’s something that we’re very, very proud of. The organization that Robert Bowers was constantly calling out is an organization called HIAS, which brought people, including Sergey Brin, to this country. It started in the 1880s to bring Jews who were fleeing the pogroms of Eastern Europe. Now they help Jews and non-Jews all over the world fleeing persecution. I met a man in Arizona on Sunday, a Jew from Cairo who was helped out of Egypt following the 1967 war. This synagogue exemplified those values. It participated in something called Refugee Shabbat. The previous Saturday, it was one of the participating synagogues nationally. And the concept, you know, as in all Jewish synagogues that reflect the most sacred of Jewish values, is the value of hachnasat orchim, of welcoming the stranger and especially of welcoming the weakest in our community, which – there’s no weaker category in our society than the refugee. And we’re really, really proud of that.

INSKEEP: Do you see any sign of that attitude changing after this attack?

WEISS: Absolutely not – the opposite. This hateful anti-Semite came to kill Jews and sow terror in our community. And he did kill Jews and, among them, some of the loveliest, most stalwart people in our community. But what he’s also done is brought incredible unity. He’s exposed the values of our Jewish community and, frankly, of Pittsburgh to the world. And, you know, I predict that Jews, not only in Pittsburgh but all over this country, are going to be flooding synagogues this coming Shabbat.

The other noticeably absent phenomenon is the apparent silence of shapeshifting Jews doing the whole “my fellow white people” bit when there is some type of collective gain to extract from the bodies of your actual co-ethnics.  We all know that when white identity or racial cohesion must be attacked Jews, who present as whites to the blue-pilled normies, will make rhetorical appeals to their “fellow white people” to adopt dysgenic beliefs or engage in self-destructive political or social actions.











Where is this rhetoric when there is some type of collective gain to be had from suffering a “tragedy”? Are Jews doing this meme now so that “white people” can elicit some collective gain? Or are they Jews, part of a larger and very powerful collective, circling the wagons and attempting to place the blame of the act of an isolated individual on an entire collective race of people? Something, by the way, that whites are unable to do with any type of group.

(((Jacob Bacharach))) from the Jewish news organ Haaretz believes that the proper response to a shooting caused by someone’s “perceived” animus at the jewish involvement in refugee resettlement is continue to engage in more resettlement of non-whites into white countries. This solution to bound to dispel and disprove Bowers and those who might have thought him crazed.

nice and simple

The point is this: Jews are an exulted race of people. It doesn’t matter that they are trying to conduct a genocide against their racial foes, a project of forced racial heterogeneity that results in thousands of white deaths and tens of thousands of white women rapes annually; these are dispersed occurrences and aren’t reported on. The reality of the race war is defined by the retaliation of one isolated member of the grieved race, not the structural reality of how ingrained white genocide is. I wonder why this is Moore, Greer? Maybe your biblical studies can shed some light on this phenomena. Hopefully, because the lives of millions of white people might depend on it.

These revelations are unlikely to come forth from liars or retards like these people. Their “Gospel” is not about caring and helping everyone. It is a theological rationalization for a deeper struggle between Jews and whites. It is a Judaized theology of white genocide. Their Jesus is a Jew and loves to see white people under moderate demographic assault apparently, regardless of his words and actions in the text of the Bible. Not to mention what the Jews did to him.

Not all lives are equal today, we can safely conclude that. Bowers has proven that not only do Jews control all major institutions of power, but that their very lives must be considered sacred by the stupid goyim in order to perpetuate their position at the top of America’s racial caste system.


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