Transcript: Jared Taylor at Towson University: “The Case for White Identity”

On October 2, 2012, Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, spoke at Towson University at the invitation of a prospective White Student Union. Mr. Taylor argued that white students, and white Americans in general, have legitimate racial interests that are worth defending. Chief among them are ending racial preferences in universities and the workplace and stopping mass immigration. He also pointed out that racial diversity is not a strength, but a source of tension and conflict. Mr. Taylor gave prepared remarks for half an hour before fielding an hour’s worth of questions. Continue reading “Transcript: Jared Taylor at Towson University: “The Case for White Identity””

Conservatives Love Identity Politics, Except For White People

A recurring theme of American conservative political commentary is that identity politics is an evil tool of the left to be shunned by the “principled” right. But conservatives regularly employ identity politics when it’s useful for them. This was especially evident in the 2016 election cycle, when conservative commentators relied considerably on appeals to identity than on appeals to facts and reason, which they claim to prefer. But there is one form of identity politics that they shun and denounce consistently, namely white identity politics. Continue reading “Conservatives Love Identity Politics, Except For White People”

Transcript: Richard Spencer Interview with James Allsup: “The Alt-Right’s Future in Trump’s America”

On January 19, 2017, college student and independent journalist James Allsup interviewed Richard Spencer, President and Director of the National Policy Institute and American Editor of Spencer, in what is perhaps his most informative and fair interview intended for a broad audience, discusses race and identity (in particular, white identity), the past and future of the alt-right movement, the fate of libertarianism, the current state of the “alt-lite,” and a couple of different controversies surrounding him. Continue reading “Transcript: Richard Spencer Interview with James Allsup: “The Alt-Right’s Future in Trump’s America””

Good Samaritan: Love Of Neighbor, Not Refugee Resettlement

Are Christians obligated as “good Samaritans” to encourage their nations to bring in refugees of war? No. As opposed to popular culture’s proof-texting of the parable of the good Samaritan, Christianity does not require, as some suggest, the relocation of foreigners from distant lands to one’s own country. And it certainly does not require being concerned with the well-being of those foreigners more than the well-being of one’s fellow citizens. If anything, the parable of the good Samaritan discourages the privileging of foreigners to one’s actual neighbors. Continue reading “Good Samaritan: Love Of Neighbor, Not Refugee Resettlement”

Americans First: The Foundation Of The Declaration & Constitution

The political philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution demands a government that puts the good of the American people first, in securing their rights and pursuing their common good. This stands in contrast to the notion today, often pushed by conservatives, that America instead stands for universal ideals that ultimately demand the subordination of the good of American citizens to the good of non-citizens. Continue reading “Americans First: The Foundation Of The Declaration & Constitution”

“Neither Jew Nor Greek”: Is Alt-Right Race Realism Unchristian?

Is it improper for a Christian to notice significant biological differences between racial groups, and to allow such knowledge to influence his thinking and behavior? Erick Erickson seems to suggest as much when he contends that the race realism of the alt-right contradicts biblical teaching, in particular Paul’s statement in Galatians 3:28 that “there is neither Jew nor Greek […] for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Erickson claims that this verse commands Christians to “transcend race” — in other words, to deny or disregard racial differences. But this verse and others like it clearly concern a sort of equality between Christians with respect to their salvation, not total equality between all people, or all races. Continue reading ““Neither Jew Nor Greek”: Is Alt-Right Race Realism Unchristian?”