2024 GOP Nominee and Presidential Candidate Kris Kobach wins KS GOP Primary by 191 Votes


get used to this white people

Just in case you faggots didn’t know and aren’t aware, the (presumably) next President of the U.S., Christian white nationalist Kris Kobach, has just won the GOP KS primary for governor against the current Establishment and sitting governor Jeff Colyer.

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Donald Trump Jr: Rising Into Pro-white Stardom

So. Just so all you people and fags know, Breitbart has insisted upon joining your very own, Sons of Europa, in memeing the Kobach/Trump Jr. 2024 GOP White People’s Ticket into existence.

They are essentially giving DTR the “Kobach” treatment by offering him a high-profile platform for him to comment on all the big cycles driving the news cycle to the Trumpist base. They will very soon extend him the treatment of giving him an open invitation to be a guest columnist, like they do for Rand Paul and other elected officials.

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The Gospel Coalition’s (and Neo-Calvinism’s) Continual White Genocide Denial

The saints at the Gospel Coalition are at it again.

They are doing the Lord’s work, giving us flannel-shirt wearing LARPers the hottest takes on the extreme Gospel measures the niggers in South Africa are taking to rectify the extreme “injustice” of the totally evil apartheid imposed upon the passive, helpless, blacks by the aggressive, mean, white people.

For instance, Brett McCracken, a “senior editor at the Gospel Coalition” and resident of the zealously Christian multicultural state of California, has penned both a confused and obfuscating piece of travel literature that includes things about churches in it. Confused because he tries to reconcile his desire to insist upon racial egalitarianism being the bedrock of Christian ecclesiology, meaning white people must accept and deal with their institutional and demographic displacement because of Jesus or something. This belief is based upon the fallacious equivocation of soteriological egalitarianism with sociological egalitarianism.

McCracken attempts to reconcile the clichĂ© meme of their being “no color line in heaven”, and therefore Christians being a fundamentally eschatological, brown and beautiful community, with his desire to see those filthy white people in South Africa get their land expropriated and systematically murdered, legally and informally, by a hostile black majority in control of the state. Or, as he puts it, the need for “social justice”.

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Revoice 2018: The Council of Sodomdon

One of the most important theological events this side of the Incarnation is occurring, right as we speak.

A meeting of fags, queers, mental freaks, and their institutional advocates are convening in St. Louis in order to hammer out of the most perennial, bourgeois, pressing, important, possibly even gospel, issue of the day.

Some commentators and leading church lights are insinuating that the standard historiography of globohomostinople might retroactively end up classifying Revoice as the eighth ecumenical council.

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GOP 2024 Update: Kobach and Donald Trump Jr. (DTJ) Have Produced Their First Campaign Ad

I told you niggers it was going to happen. We have Christian white nationalist Kris Kobach on one hand running for governor in Kansas. We also have aspiring Senator Donald Trump Jr. (DTJ from hereon out, not DJT…..get it?) getting the invite to beta test their inevitable 2024 GOP Presidential ticket, the White People’s Ticket, but in 2018!

This is a world historical moment faggots. I’m serious.

DTJ just campaigned with Kobach in Wichita this last week.

Execute plan GOP 2024.










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The Last of the Nigerians: Maxine Water’s 2020 Dream and the Final Throes of Black Politics

Madame President!

She’s running in 2020.

There is currently no operative Democratic political dynasty that is the obvious successor to the party’s nomination. The field is wide open. While Hillary Clinton’s health is obviously in the stages right before nursing home stage decay her hate level is high enough for her to pretend she will run by positioning herself at all the right events and commenting on all the important Drumf catastrophes. If she does, her party will revolt. They know that she will lose, bigly.

Its THEIR turn now. She blew her shot.

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The Pentecaust 8: Integrating Sodom

The Pentecaust, Episode 8: July 21, 2018 (download) (GabTV) (RSS)