A pro-white Christian’s New Years Manifesto

With the New Year coming upon us now would be a good time for a official decree from your favorite Christian source of dissident political and cultural analysis concerning some goals/objectives to work towards and some principles to live by. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, New Years or not, these are simply good ideas to structure your life according to as a young, right-wing, white Christian male (i.e., an Untouchable) throughout the entire year.

I will avoid labeling these as “resolutions” because “resolutions” are mostly self-edifying pep talks for fags and anxious women. Men either do something or they don’t. No need to announce it at a party with your besties in order to make yourself the object of conversation and feed your pathetically low-self esteem and sense of feminine narcissism. I think you’re hot and would ask you out on a date no matter what, okay man?

What I want this to be is a list, arranged according to principles and objectives, of virile Christian living. Principles being that which causes change in an given form/essence, and objectives being the ends towards which one acts. Since it is virile it is meant explicitly for men, particularly young white males who don’t have any mainstream theological organs exhorting them to live in conformity with the masculine nature God has given you, and instead, are guilted into acting like a domesticated, docile church woman in all aspects of life. The points listed are in no particular order, only the two main themes are the ordering elements.   


  1. Read your Bible. This might sound cliché and an objective, but take this year to read through your Bible very carefully with this one principle in mind; do not eisegate your egalitarian conditioning into the text’s meaning, but read it for the first time free of the constraints of all the faggot POZ, such as racial miscegenation and multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality, etc. This will give you a brand new outlook on life, God, the Bible, and Church. It will mature you dramatically. 
  2. Do not live your life to please your racial, cultural, and moral/theological enemies. This should be self-explanatory to all men. These people want to degrade and kill you, your family, your race, and stamp out any semblance of theological sanity within the remaining white church space. Do everything in your power to resist and destroy them. 
  3. Do not live your life according to the valuations of women. You are a man. By Nature and according to the Bible you are superior to women. Therefore, it does not matter what they “think” of you. Your self-esteem should only be linked to what God has specifically commissioned you to do, and what your fellow brothers are telling you in good faith. Female opinions are worthless on most things, barring child-rearing and domestic activities. They certainly have no input of value concerning masculine development.
  4. Live hard. You are going to die in a few years. Take a few moments for that to sink in. After a few more years you will die somewhere, somehow. If you can accept this fact, it will allow you to live more liberated, unconditioned by the degenerate culture at large. 


  1. Find some type of intellectual topic or theme (especially philosophy if possible), pick 3-6 high-quality books pertaining to it, and study them thoroughly. Reading is not for women, and should not be mindless. Learn to read like a man: aggressively, critical, and mentally active.   
  2. Pick one book or part of the Bible and study it thoroughly using the above mentioned hermeneutic. This could include using notes, notations, or even small, personal commentaries or analytical outlines of the themes/structure of the book(s). Thinking the Bible is simply a loose anthology of Jewish stories is blue-pilled and childish. God is a God of order and purpose. Try to discern and learn the rhyme and reason behind the content of the Bible. 
  3. Start weight-training and/or combat training. God made both mind and body. Learning and acquiring vast knowledge can be a form of worship, but neglecting and sacrificing the body is not how men were meant to live. We were made to be creators and warriors, in both mind and body. Start engaging in some high-intensity physical activities, organized or informal, whether it is powerlifting, moderate to heavy weightlifting, boxing, martial arts training, MMA training etc. This does NOT include running (you can do this, but this would not fall under this category), cycling, crossfag, hiking etc. Cycling and hiking are okay, but are hobbies, not martial activities. Qualifier, if possible, do all these things separate from women. Try to go to gyms that are built to disincentivize female attendance. Best case scenario: have your own home gym that you and a couple of bros can perform the above listed activities.
  4. Get a job that benefits the cause in some fashion. Go to law school and get a JD, start programing/coding, get an MDiv. etc. Start creating content for the cause. Use your existing position or money to explicitly promote you race’s and religion’s interests if you are past the educational stage. 
  5. Start networking IRL. Build a small tribe of like-minded people that are physically accessible if at all possible. These could turn into things like house-churches that are pro-white, intellectual circles, homeschool communes, social networks for jobs and women, and simply wholesome white people friendships.   
  6. Be as politically active and engaged as possible. Infiltrate local party machinery or be the voice of authority on social/political matters in your circle of acquaintances. Spread the appropriate content to the right people. Multiply your influence in whatever way possible. We are in a soft racial war and have been given some time of repreve by Trump’s Presidency to speak freely about our racial annihilation. Use it preciously. 
  7. DO NOT’s. I don’t want to sound like your dad, but if the above principles and objectives are to be implemented there are some things you will have to give up or severely curtail. The reason for this is because living a spiritually virile life takes time, and time is limited. These neutering time-wastes are products constructed to channel and neutralize productive white male energy. The four major ones are the following, in order: pornography usage, video games, computer games/activities, sportball viewing. The first three must be given up completely. There is simply no way to become the man you were destined to and need to be if you are chronically exposing yourself to pornography or wasting your life clicking buttons on a controller or a computer keyboard. These are alternative realities that have been created specifically to appeal to men’s 1) need of obtaining honor and respect through distinguished goal accomplishments/rankings, and 2) spatial wiring. Porn and faggot electronic games trigger our spatial sense by exposing us to imaginary worlds other people have created digitally, or to an endless queue of the female form in a variety of positions and sexual states. These give men a quick sense of “accomplishment”, whether its leveling up in a pointless electronic competition against oneself or others in a “Live” setting, or in sexually dominating a 2D image or video of a female according to one’s will, both maliciously appeal to men’s need to accomplish, achieve, do, act, exertion of will. Sportsball is not as degenerate and has some redeeming qualities to it, since these are still explicitly male-dominated spaces that implicitly glorify martial values. However, they are intentionally filled with blacks/non-whites as a way to set up a deracinated sense of masculinity for younger, more aggressive white men, and also, seriously consuming these goods often serve as a substitute for becoming the “warrior” you are seeing on TV. It is a vicarious Darwinian high you get when you watch your team, staffed by other men that do not know or care about you, that you identify with, impose their will on another set of men. Instead of doing this yourself and actualizing your psyche, you settle for watching a more specialized, and ideologically safe, version of it. It’s a strange form of cuckholdry. Also, listening to grown men talk about the bodies and physical aspects of athletes nonstop is borderline homosexual. You want to idolize someone? Pick a hero or a warrior from history or the movies and make them your masculine ideal. Also, please try to abstain from substance use/abuse as much as possible, including alcohol, andother harder drugs.
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Instead of these (and habits like these) substitute these hobbies in for them. They fulfill all the requirements of social male-bonding that electronic gaming communities seem to do without the spiritually crippling, physically eroding,and socially sterilizing effects that screen male hobbies allow our enemies to enjoy. These screen hobbies are a form of poison, the below suggestions are smallmeans of victory.

 Anything to do with real guns/firearms orarchery (not faggot fake video game “weapons”) such as shooting, assembling,cleaning, studying them etc., backpacking/hiking/survivalist things, boating, aviation, playing masculine sports (football, basketball, soccer, baseball [no volleyball, softball], hockey etc), construction (carpentry, metal working), hunting, fishing, mechanical/restorationwork, start a pro-white Christian organization/charity to help needy white men, invest your time by tutoring younger men/older boys to become proud white Christian men that have little to no healthy male input. And so on. The options are essentially endless but stay away from most television and pornography at all costs. You will stumble and fail on some days, we all do. But a virile Christian man uses the victory Jesus has given us from the power of sin to simply shrug off the past sins and fight on, cutting down our enemies that surround us, mind on the prize. Constant feelings of crippling guilt is not healthy, is a sign of a weak, effeminate conscience, and is to be attacked and rejected at all costs. The prize we aim for is the preservation and self-determination of our people and our religion. We, white people, are in an existential struggle with the structural and ideological forces of organized Jewry against the real prospects of extinction. If this realization doesn’t motivate you to make some drastic lifestyle changes you don’t deserve to be arrayed in the battle lines with those of us that have and are continually making sacrifices for our people.

This is not a demand for you to stop having “fun”, it is a call to become as spiritually and physically virile as possible, and therefore maximize whatever potential you have been given by God’s plan for you. Put away the boyish things and adopt the above principles, objectives, and if you still have some leftover time, one or two of these productive, healthy, hobbies. We are trying to uncuck the young white men of conservative evangelical and Catholic persuasions for the upcoming institutional and likely physical fight for a sane form of existence. Only the hard, only the strong who have exerted the will to make themselves this way will be at the forefront of this war. Be one. But also, in the meantime, be victorious in your daily struggle against the Devil and the forces of the system he uses against us by practicing a virile form Christianity.      


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Bowers Actions Reveal that Jewish Lives are Sacred

Robert Bowers, if nothing else, was the large dose of truth serum that this spiritually recovering country so desperately needed.

Not because he killed a small number of Jews, but because we have learned that the deaths of Jews are not those of mere mortals, but the slaying of gods. The slaughter and the (correct) ideological conclusions that informed it are indeed important, but the reaction to this god-slaying clearly reveals the Jew dominated racial caste system in this country, and the level of control these brahman have over the hearts and minds of white people in America and the West in general. The irony of the reaction is that Robert Bowers’ “conspiracy theories” have been darkly vindicated.

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Apostle John Kasich speaks: The Lord Suuports the Caravan of White Genocide

“We’ve got to start putting ourselves in the shoes of other people. We’ve got to start thinking about the consequences that others suffer. And if we have been spared those by the grace of God, let us be appreciative, let us count our blessings, and let us reach out to those who have less. Let’s stop putting up walls around ourselves and not understanding the plight, the trouble, and the problems of others. It is not right. And the Lord doesn’t want it, and our people at their hearts want to reach out to others. Look at what they do in these storms they go and they rescue people they don’t know. They put them in their homes. They feed them. That’s America. Not all this garbage and this division and yelling and screaming and hatred on all sides.” St. John Kasich 15:22-26

Over these last few days I’ve had trouble understanding the theological implications of the “migrant” caravan crisis. Here is my dilemma.

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2024 GOP Nominee and Presidential Candidate Kris Kobach wins KS GOP Primary by 191 Votes


get used to this white people

Just in case you faggots didn’t know and aren’t aware, the (presumably) next President of the U.S., Christian white nationalist Kris Kobach, has just won the GOP KS primary for governor against the current Establishment and sitting governor Jeff Colyer.

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Donald Trump Jr: Rising Into Pro-white Stardom

So. Just so all you people and fags know, Breitbart has insisted upon joining your very own, Sons of Europa, in memeing the Kobach/Trump Jr. 2024 GOP White People’s Ticket into existence.

They are essentially giving DTR the “Kobach” treatment by offering him a high-profile platform for him to comment on all the big cycles driving the news cycle to the Trumpist base. They will very soon extend him the treatment of giving him an open invitation to be a guest columnist, like they do for Rand Paul and other elected officials.

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The Gospel Coalition’s (and Neo-Calvinism’s) Continual White Genocide Denial

The saints at the Gospel Coalition are at it again.

They are doing the Lord’s work, giving us flannel-shirt wearing LARPers the hottest takes on the extreme Gospel measures the niggers in South Africa are taking to rectify the extreme “injustice” of the totally evil apartheid imposed upon the passive, helpless, blacks by the aggressive, mean, white people.

For instance, Brett McCracken, a “senior editor at the Gospel Coalition” and resident of the zealously Christian multicultural state of California, has penned both a confused and obfuscating piece of travel literature that includes things about churches in it. Confused because he tries to reconcile his desire to insist upon racial egalitarianism being the bedrock of Christian ecclesiology, meaning white people must accept and deal with their institutional and demographic displacement because of Jesus or something. This belief is based upon the fallacious equivocation of soteriological egalitarianism with sociological egalitarianism.

McCracken attempts to reconcile the cliché meme of their being “no color line in heaven”, and therefore Christians being a fundamentally eschatological, brown and beautiful community, with his desire to see those filthy white people in South Africa get their land expropriated and systematically murdered, legally and informally, by a hostile black majority in control of the state. Or, as he puts it, the need for “social justice”.

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Revoice 2018: The Council of Sodomdon

One of the most important theological events this side of the Incarnation is occurring, right as we speak.

A meeting of fags, queers, mental freaks, and their institutional advocates are convening in St. Louis in order to hammer out of the most perennial, bourgeois, pressing, important, possibly even gospel, issue of the day.

Some commentators and leading church lights are insinuating that the standard historiography of globohomostinople might retroactively end up classifying Revoice as the eighth ecumenical council.

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