Conservatives Love Identity Politics, Except For White People

A recurring theme of American conservative political commentary is that identity politics is an evil tool of the left to be shunned by the “principled” right. But conservatives regularly employ identity politics when it’s useful for them. This was especially evident in the 2016 election cycle, when conservative commentators relied considerably on appeals to identity than on appeals to facts and reason, which they claim to prefer. But there is one form of identity politics that they shun and denounce consistently, namely white identity politics. Continue reading “Conservatives Love Identity Politics, Except For White People”

Americans First: The Foundation Of The Declaration & Constitution

The political philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution demands a government that puts the good of the American people first, in securing their rights and pursuing their common good. This stands in contrast to the notion today, often pushed by conservatives, that America instead stands for universal ideals that ultimately demand the subordination of the good of American citizens to the good of non-citizens. Continue reading “Americans First: The Foundation Of The Declaration & Constitution”