Bowers Actions Reveal that Jewish Lives are Sacred

Robert Bowers, if nothing else, was the large dose of truth serum that this spiritually recovering country so desperately needed.

Not because he killed a small number of Jews, but because we have learned that the deaths of Jews are not those of mere mortals, but the slaying of gods. The slaughter and the (correct) ideological conclusions that informed it are indeed important, but the reaction to this god-slaying clearly reveals the Jew dominated racial caste system in this country, and the level of control these brahman have over the hearts and minds of white people in America and the West in general. The irony of the reaction is that Robert Bowers’ “conspiracy theories” have been darkly vindicated.

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Revoice 2018: The Council of Sodomdon

One of the most important theological events this side of the Incarnation is occurring, right as we speak.

A meeting of fags, queers, mental freaks, and their institutional advocates are convening in St. Louis in order to hammer out of the most perennial, bourgeois, pressing, important, possibly even gospel, issue of the day.

Some commentators and leading church lights are insinuating that the standard historiography of globohomostinople might retroactively end up classifying Revoice as the eighth ecumenical council.

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The Baptist Press is Bittersweet that White Church Displacement is Happening, but Slowly

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